Thursday, November 29, 2007

Untitled For Obvious Reasons

I agree - this homework thing (and work thing) is killing my blogging. I'm afraid I might see the day where I write something at home. Yikes!

Anyway, on this the day that Scott Van Pelt Style (curated by the one and only Jarrett Carter) turns 300 posts old, I thought I would celebrate my (hold on a second) 360ish post.

Woo! How exciting! Also, this little piece of pie is a couple months away from a birthday! (Exclamation points galore!!)

Anyway, I'll take this time off of rambling to talk fantasy sports because I know that's why you all come here.

I'm a point out of first in my hockey league and in a major battle with the first place team.

It looks like I'll be making the playoffs in both my football leagues. (If I win this weekend I should clinch)

But the big story is fantasy basketball where I'm in dead last place because I'm a big jackass who didn't think I needed a center to win. What an idiot. I ended up with Desenga Diop and Jeff Foster. I could win a rec league game with those two. I feel the need to swear.

What was I talking about?

Oh yeah, 360 posts! Wow. What an accomplishment. I bet no other blog in the history of the world has ever had that many posts. I think I might celebrate by purchasing an iPod.

If Marrisa Miller is more your taste then here's a semi-NSFW pic. (Also iPod related) I can't really see anything, per se, but she's not really wearing anything but an iPod. Damn I'm hungry. I might want to sketch out an idea for a post before writing the next one. We'll see.

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Jarrett Carter said...

300 = Overhyped battle movie.

360 = A wicked dunk

CRM > SVPStyle