Wednesday, May 07, 2008

A New Post?

Hey. Remember me?

Me either.

Anyway, this blog will be less neglected in the coming days/weeks/months/etc. I'm super cereal.

Until I get to extremely cool new postage, I have to welcome a new blog to the 'sphere -

Major League Asshole

It's written by a group of idiots that comment at The Big Lead. They aren't especially talented or funny - or good looking for that matter - but they try. Jesus, do they try. They've combined for 32 posts in the last week. That's like... *0 times 32, carry the 4* ...6 or 7 times as many as I've written in that time.


Stigs said...

thanks for the shout out Ronaldo. Oh, and I'm especially good looking. Don't knock it til you tried it kid.

Dr. Oh No Romo said...

Well start posting. What's the holdup?

Anonymous said...


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