Thursday, June 05, 2008

Kimbo Slice To Fight Brett "The Grim" Rogers

Kimbo Slice was just on The Dan LeBatard Show where he revealed that his next fight would be in October against Brett "The Grim" Rogers. (Audio Here) Rogers challenged Kimbo at the press conference after the Elite XC show last Saturday.

Scheduling this fight is probably the smartest move that Elite XC could make in the shadow of Kimbo's controversial fight with James Thompson. Whether Rogers came up with the idea to call out Kimbo on his own or not - this gives Elite XC a storyline to push leading up to (presumably) one of the next shows they have on CBS.

This is a dangerous fight for Kimbo. In fact, it's a fight I never thought Elite XC would schedule. Judging by what America saw on Saturday, I don't know why Rogers wouldn't be favored to win. Of course, when this fight happens, Kimbo will have another 4-5 months of training. Hopefully, Bas Rutten will work in some cardio this time.

[Hat tip: cortes]


Anonymous said...

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Mark said...

Dude, I would never fight against Kimbo, have you seen his contenders after each fight? I think he takes viagra or eats Amanita Muscaria to get that strength on his fists.